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Most of us are just too stoppable. We stop at every obstacle, every inconvenience, every time we get uncomfortable, or every time we doubt ourselves. We make excuses, we justify, we rationalize, we tell ourselves stories about why we can’t start or why we can’t continue. But the truth is, you have the power within you already to be unstoppable! You can become unstoppable as a matter of principle and practice. This isn’t some heroic thing. This isn’t some grandiose gift from God reserved for very few. It is a simple way of being. You can choose right now to stop overthinking and over analyzing and just do it. Choose a few things that you know will make the biggest positive difference in your life and become unstoppable in those things! Exercising vigorously 4 to 5 times a week. Never consuming refined sugar again. Getting up early to start your day right. Connecting in a meaningful way every single day with your spouse and your children. Work when you’re working. Eliminate distraction when you need to focus. Save and invest a certain Percentage of everything you earn. In what ways are you going to be unstoppable? --- Send in a voice message: