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#145 The Corners Of Your Life

April 18, 2021

#145 The Corners Of Your Life
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We all have little corners in our lives where the dust and the dirt and the stuff begin to gather. This is both literal and figurative.

It may be the corner of your closet or your garage, or the corners of your mind or your spirit.

Which “corners” of your life are unattended and neglected?  Which “corners” have piled up with dirt and garbage and unused things?  Which corners have you been avoiding, and have become chaotic and disorderly?

Examine the corners of your rooms, your garage, your yard, your body, and even your mind, where mental atrophy, ignorance, fixed mindsets, negative attitude, and inappropriate thoughts may be lurking.

Examine your whole world today. Carefully examine your entire life mentally and then literally, making a list of the corners that need clearing out and cleaning. Start on one of those 'corners' immediately and then work on the list. Mind, spirit, body, bed, bedroom, closet, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, family room, office, storage room, garage, yard, car, etc.   Keep going until there are no hidden 'corners' of your life left uncleaned.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much efficiency and effectiveness and optimization you’ll bring to your entire life as you clean out the neglected corners of each area of your life. --- Send in a voice message: