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#17 So there I was—Crazy stories and important lessons

February 16, 2019

#17 So there I was—Crazy stories and important lessons
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Drove from Dallas, TX all the way to New York City.  When he found he couldn't get a job or even get into school, he called a buddy and that friend drove all the way up to get him!  They almost crashed on the way home, but neither were injured. 

With another buddy, they were on a road trip out west and crossed the Colorado River.  They decided they were going to jump.  They were 100-150 feet in the air. Both Greg and his friend landed on a slant and ended up bruising all up and down their legs and arms. 

While staying with a coach, Greg was home alone and had an allergic reaction.  His eyes swelled up and his throat started to close.  He was gasping for breath and called his sister for help.  They both rushed to the ER and she dragged him in.  To keep Greg alive they had to give hi multiple adrenaline shots and of course a ton of benadryl. Kept him alive!

Life Lessons: 

  1. You cant control everything, you do your best and push through to get to your goals. 
  2. Life is delicate.  Our lives are very fragile and you have to spend the wisely, don't do things to hurt your body. (Don't make dumb decision!)
  3. You have to connect that your choices will always bring consequences.  If you make good choices you will get good consequences. 
  4. Reality checks come, use them to make a better future from the things you learn. 

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