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#178 We Know It's Hard But DO WHAT MUST BE DONE! The Obstacle IS the Way

May 10, 2022

#178 We Know It's Hard But DO WHAT MUST BE DONE! The Obstacle IS the Way
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We all have blind spots. We all have things we’re doing (or not doing) that are causing or contributing to our own problems.

In our coaching, we often work with people who keep doing (or not doing) the things that are keeping them miserable and unhappy. If they could just STOP then they could drastically change their life.

Of course, this is easier said than done, otherwise, you would ALREADY have stopped or started the things that need to be done and wouldn’t be suffering from the current challenges you face.

In this episode we dive into specific strategies for DOING what MUST be done -- the things that IF done will change everything — improve your marriage and parenting, help you make more money, or to achieve that big goal or dream that’s been locked away somewhere in your soul.

It can be difficult to make the effort or find the courage to do these things. We acknowledge that doing them is hard and that you might not feel ready to do them.

But the only way you will GET ready IS by doing them. As the Stoics say, The Obstacle IS the Way.

Listen now to this episode to learn how to do what MUST be done before it’s too late for you to make the changes you need to make to have the kind of life you want to have.

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