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#2 Creating Epic Experiences And Memories

January 24, 2019

#2 Creating Epic Experiences And Memories
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Life all blends together when things are the same every single day.  Then when we look back, the few things we remember were the oddities to the norm -good or bad.  Our memories are something that no other human being can take away from you.  At the end of your life, when all your 'stuff' is gone what kinds of memories and thoughts are you left with?

  So how can we live intentionally? To make good memories and moments? The key is to train your brain not to think 'Oh, I cant do that' to 'how can I do this?'

No doubt, there are mundane moments. Think outside the box, how can you make something mundane meaningful? Is it absolutely necessary to the way of life you want to live? 

Be proactive, be your own creator.  Don't be a passive passenger when you are the one driving the train, this is your life!  What do you want to do? Whose permission are you waiting for to change? 

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