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#32 The Path to Personal Peak Potential, Part 2

May 04, 2019

#32 The Path to Personal Peak Potential, Part 2
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The next level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is safety needs.   So many people get stuck on this level too - they could be free if only they knew they were enslaved. 

These are the areas in our life that we need to keep in order, what are some ways that they are thrown out of balance?

Resources:  Your greatest resource is your ability to be resourceful! Your own ability to accomplish and achieve.  There are people out there who are highly capable of amazing things. However, they have a deadly Achilles heel.  A situation or problem that they can't handle and it ends up getting them.  Make sure you have those resources that help you get back on your feet. Whether its people or an outlet, keep on your toes!

Employment:  Obviously having an income is key to surviving.  Going deeper than that what is crisis in employment?  Perhaps when we start to doubt your worth or abilities.  That can happen when we aren't feeling fulfilled in our jobs or roles.  What could you be doing everyday to help your improvement in employment?

Health: Includes Emotional, Physical, Mental, the list goes on.  There are so many young adults out there who have failed to launch.  They are capable but unprepared for adulthood and it's responsibilities.  Like that Achilles heel we talked about, they are strong but ultimately they need more help.  There is also a ton of anxiety and depression out there.  Don't let fear get the best of you, learn how to process your emotions.

Property:  Besides the fact that your property could get stolen, ruined or lost, which is a pretty terrible thought, what importance are they? Is our connection with our possessions so strong that it effects our relationship with people? If you could choose your phone or never speaking to a loved one again, we would probably ditch the phone.  Then why, everyday, do we  choose to spend more unproductive time on our phone than with people we love?  Who would we be without our possessions?  Be deeper than material belongings.

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