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#8 Incredible Stories and Reality Checks That We All Need

January 30, 2019

#8 Incredible Stories and Reality Checks That We All Need
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There are times in our life where we get so busy with one goal, that every other area in life gets thrown off balance.  Some people work so hard at their job that they neglect their health - on the other hand, others spend so much time on their health and working out that maybe they neglect their marriage or family time.  It's all about balance. 

 Once in a while,  to keep us balanced is reality checks.  They don't come often, but when they do, we gain a whole different perspective on life.  Maybe one day you have to rush to the ER because your child broke a bone or  you get to know someone who lives with a disability - the list goes on.  What do these experiences teach us? 

The biggest thing is what we take for granted, and maybe our lives aren't all that hard after all.  Reality checks help us keep things in perspective.  So how do we become the master of perspective?

 Have you ever had an experience that changed the way you saw things forever?  Once we come out on the other side our perspective changes so much that we can't really go back to the way we were before.  It changes our mindset and attitude to help make our lives from that moment on better. 

Challenge: How could a problem or irritation you are dealing with right now be solved with a change in perspective? 

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